Judging a Wikipedia Article

For the majority of my life and most of my fellow students it has been repeatedly drilled into our brains,” do not use Wikipedia the information is inaccurate” or even ” If I find out you used Wikipedia you will receive a F”, Harsh words for something as simple as a website don’t you think? This is especially true when from what I have found Wikipedia can be a very resourceful and helpful  historical library as long as you give the information a second check to be sure. Now it is true however that the information within the site can be edited and altered for the opinion of whomever is editing it. But this does not mean it is just a free for all where you can just make things up or post uneducated information that has no historical value and it will stay posted. There is a large amount of checks that take place to prevent these people from changing important information. Also from what I have found is in reality many of the major historical events cannot be just changed by the general public as many people believe. I found this on a Wikipedia article on world war II,

This page is currently semi-protected and can be edited only by established registered users,

Why is the page protected?

  • While most articles can be edited by anyone, semi-protection is sometimes necessary to prevent vandalism to popular pages.
  • The reason for protection can be found in the protection log. If there are no relevant entries in the protection log, the page may have been moved after being protected. Posted on http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=World_War_II&action=edit
  • What this means is there are steps in place that an individual has to go through in order to get their changes and information posted on this specific article. This is enforced because there are always people out there that do things for their own enjoyment and would post false information just for a laugh or because they simply do not know what they are talking about. What this does is makes it so only more accurate information is posted at any given time.

In addition to the protection which makes the information even more of a trustworthy source it had an additional 373 sources to back up the information which is a  significant amount.

What this website gives you is variety of different information and statistics revolving the second world war. It is formatted in somewhat of a time line explaining every major battle and many important events throughout this time period.Although it may not go into extensive detail within each piece of information on the website it gives you a place to start and form knowledge on the subject. Even despite the fact that I think it is a good website to start i do not believe it would be a good idea to base your research on entirely, but this goes for any other website as well. It would be more efficient and accurate to use a group of creditable website and books to mold and develop your research.

In conclusion it seems to be that the more famous and popular wiki searches are more protected and researched than the smaller less significant subjects. So what you really should do is just do more research on the information on everything especially the less viewed information on Wiki.

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Is Google Changing Intelligence Levels

In my personal opinion believe that the internet and being more specific Google has its up and downs when thinking about how it changes the way we use our minds as individuals. One of the major problems is before the internet era there was the idea that people instead of just looking a skill or process up every time they needed to use it they were forced to master the skill at hand. This was due to the fact that it was more difficult to stop what you were doing just to go to the library and figure it out. What spending more time on and individual skill instead of shorter burst of a much wider variety of information did was it may have made more people intelligent in specific skills and ability’s that they used threw out their lives. But in the defense of people today we as people now have a understanding for many different types of knowledge from different races, genders, countries, and small communities all across the world. This is important for creating a society with all the best idea of all the places across the world, making their knowledge our knowledge and ours theirs. So now instead of individuals just learning the things we need to master for life and to survive we have to time and capability to complete more specific studies on a much larger scale of information. They way I look at it is just imagine if Einstein had the capability to not only read books but also develop his ideas from the knowledge of others online or in communities across the world. On the other hand would he have thirsted for the knowledge and discovery of new things if their was so much information at hand in any given second.

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Scavenger Hunt

I started my search by looking all three questions up on Google to see which one would come up quickly and have the most information on it. This proved in my opinion to be question two which was, ( What was the first documented use of solar power within the united states?)

As soon as you type this in on google you get a variety of different websites with the answer to this information but i choose to go with the pdf file which showed and entire timeline of the history of solar power not just the individual answer which i found to be interesting, The title of the document was The History of Solar which it can be found at, http://www1.eere.energy.gov/solar/pdfs/solar_timeline.pdf.

Then the next question the came up very efficiently was question three which was, (What is The best resource for the history of California ballot initiatives, including voting data?)

Again for this question all it took was a two second simple Google for you to be surrounded with this information, but as for the most accurate place to find this information proved to be a little more difficult due to the fact that you cannot be positive which page is being more truthful unless you were to an extensive amount of research on the topic. So to keep it safe I went with their government website assuming that it would be the most accurate of all the pages due to the fact that not just anyone can make a government page. It was titled, History of California Initiatives, or it can be found at,http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-measures/history-initiatives-info.htm.

The third question on the other hand proved to be more difficult to find because a lot of Wikipedia came up and you never know how accurate the information is going to be on that website considering the fact that anyone in  the world can go onto this website and change the information. But for the most part it seemed to be a legitimate group of information. The title was, New York City teachers’ strike of 1968, which could be found at,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_teachers’_strike_of_1968.

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In my personal opinion I believe that blogs are a necessity in many aspect of today’s world because it is a way to get a wide variety of different peoples opinions on important topics in today’s society. It is a fast and efficient way to develop an understating of other people across the country in a matter of seconds. Although a lot of the time the information is completely opinionated. Now there is such a variety of different types of blogs that can be used to catch a readers attention and make individuals understand many different outlook instead of just their own. Not only can it be a view of   opinion but in a lot of different situations it can be educational to many.

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